Rates and Fees

St. Pius X Early Childhood Center

Hours: Monday-Friday; 6:30AM – 5:30PM


Daily sessions: Least amount of days accepted is 4 days a week.

Monthly Rates are as follows:

Infant/One’s Room:               Parishioner*                               Non-Parishioner

Full Time P: $ 712.00 a month NP: $ 753.00 a month
Part Time (4 days a week) P: $ 583.00 a month NP: $ 617.00 a month

Two’s Room:

Full Time P: $ 645.00 a month NP: $ 687.00 a month
Part Time (4 days a week) P: $ 534.00 a month NP: $ 568.00 a month

Three’s/Four’s/Pre-K Rooms:

Full Time P: $ 605.00 a month NP: $ 668.00 a month
Part Time (4 days a week) P: $ 504.00 a month NP: $ 554.00 a month

Children who attend 4 days a week are asked to choose a specific day they do not attend.


Pre-K Morning Session is another option ONLY for children who will be attending Pre-K the year before their Kindergarten year.

The Morning Session hours are Mondays – Fridays, Mornings(by 8am) – 1:00PM (ONLY). The day includes all Prime Learning Time activities, morning snack (9am), and lunch (noon).

Any time after 1:00PM is considered late. The late fee of $1 per minute will apply.

Prices for Pre-K Morning Session are as follows:

Pre-K Morning Session             Parishioner*                        Non-Parishioner

½ days ~ Full Time P: $ 448.00 a month NP: $ 490.00 a month
½ days ~ Part Time (4 days) P: $ 392.00 a month NP: $ 426.00 a month

Families are billed a FLAT RATE monthly ~ you will pay a month in advance. You will be billed at beginning of the month and your balance MUST be paid by the last Friday of the month. After the 1st of the following month there will be a $5.00 a day late fee until fees are paid. You will be notified TWICE for payment before enrollment is dropped. Parents MUST give the Center a TWO WEEKS NOTICE BEFORE the child(ren) last day. Unless properly notified, you WILL BE EXPECTED to pay the full month’s fees.

If at any time the Center receives a Non-Sufficient Funds check, you will be billed a $35.00 returned check fee as well as the non-paid check amount. Payment must be made by cash or money order. All payments to the Center from that time forward MUST be made with cash or money order.

We DO NOT credit days when your child is gone or sick. It is necessary to pay for your child’s sick day(s) in order to hold a position here for your child.

*To receive Parishioner Rate ~ you must be an active member of St. Pius X Church & pay tithing on a regular basis (this is checked regularly).

Due to inconsistency of attendance, we do not accept children less than four days a week.

Additional increases will have to take place annually in order to comply with inflationary increases January 1 of every year because of the minimum wage increase law.

Nap Mat:            $23.00

Late Pick Up Fee:   $1.00 per minute

Late Payment Fee:   $5.00 per day (after 1st of following month)

Returned Check:     $35.00


WAITING LIST FEE’S: (To be placed on the waiting list for future enrollment)

Infants: Brand New Family: $150 ~ with $50 credit to first month’s bill once attending.

Infants: Already Established Family: $75

1s-PreK: Brand New Family: $100

1s-PreK: Already established Family: $75